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Spring Fever: Behind the Scenes

Lana Muhammad

Videographer  Michael Schuette  directing models Rafael Lopez and Emma Goddard

Videographer Michael Schuette directing models Rafael Lopez and Emma Goddard

Man, this really was a fun one to do. Spring Fever is the name of the fashion line that we launched here at Contagion, with designs by our members Joe, Hannah, Kassandra and Steve. Last Sunday due to a fortunate stroke of luck, aka the rain, we were forced to relocate the promo shoot to Savers. Of course our team made the best of it and Savers turned out to be a blessing. Savers not only let a bunch of kids with cameras roam all over their store to film, they also let us use the clothes in the store to style the looks along with the designs! This really managed to make our lives easier, and our pictures turned out better because of it so thanks a lot Savers! 

Shooting was a long process but it was six hours extremely well spent. Our models were all excellent, so another huge thank you to Nikki, Emma, Ralph, Andrew, and Joe. From watching the styles come together, getting some excellent pictures, goofing off, and grubbing on the wraps Kassandra's mother made to recording in the rain- the day was great! We have such an amazing, talented team here at Contagion and the amount of effort that went into this was beautiful. Click through the gallery to see more photos from the day. 

Pictures by Lana Muhammad

Spring Fever

Lana Muhammad

Last Friday Contagion Media dropped our first fashion line: Spring Fever. The name speaks to the the driving energy behind Contagion Media - youth, freshness, freedom and most of all infectious happiness. This ideology is ingrained into the very designs our team put together.

On sale now, you can purchase them here.

Designs Featured by: KBR, Joe Andersen, and Hannah Rose

Styled Looks by: Joe and Delaney

Picture by: Lana Muhammad


Spring Fever Gallery: Fashion Photography by KBR