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L is for...

Lana Muhammad


I have always been in love with the concept of love - what can I say, I’m a Libra. When you close your eyes and think about love, perhaps your mind goes to two people holding hands or you think about Nicholas Sparks movies, or simple math equations that equal two. I certainly know that in the past, mine has. However, the more I look around, the more this is no longer all I see. It’s something that is all around us, in so many different forms other than romance. And all of them are just as important as the next.

I saw one face of love this weekend when one of our contagion members, Eva, smiled, looked at her daughter and said “Yep, these are all of my responsibilities in one.” She said it with such a casual certainty that suggested there was no other responsibility in the world that would ever be as wonderful as that one. The same way how I remember my mother looking at me and my siblings sometimes when I was growing up.

Love. It’s in the way your friend might raid your fridge because they’ve been there so many times, that politeness doesn’t exist between you two. Or in the moment that nothing is said because you don’t have to fill silences up with words anymore. You can see it in the artist and their art; the fact they could never do anything but that. The thing that made trees grow so tall and sunflowers so happy.

This feeling takes on many faces, but the core remains the same. Remember to appreciate all of them this Valentine’s day.

- Lana