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Austin Martinez


Lifeless. A term meaning an individual is lacking vigor, vitality, and or excitement. It has been a slow and bleak month. I say this as I have lost some thoughts of inspiration but yearn to find what entices me. For a little while I took a break from posting on social media especially Instagram, as I must find something meaningful to me that would translate into my work, which in turn I would share. During moments of isolation I fill myself with knowledge I never knew before. Finding new artists, reading, listening to my friends, and plainly by going outside. Something I found really inspiring, which is the theme of this message, is from a documentary titled, Issey Miyake Moves, 2002. The quote states “Design is born out of Research” which really made me think I should take more time to perfect my craft, finding to create things that mean something to me, relying on myself as well as my wits.

Patience is a virtue & we are headed the right way.