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Kassandra Ramirez

Contagion Media recently had the wonderful opportunity of producing a short promotional video for Flagstaff, Arizona local, Kimberly Jarchow. Jarchow is a poet currently a Junior attending Northern Arizona University and has connected with the community of Flagstaff through participating, and even running, weekly poetry slams at Firecreek Coffee Shop (located at 22 Historic Rte 66, Flagstaff, AZ 86001 in downtown Flagstaff).


Linking up with Kimberly, we requested that she send us examples of her work, particularly pieces that she is extremely proud of. After reading a few of her pieces, one poem, titled "April 9th," stood out to all of us in particular. The work shows the audience the perspective from which she sees the world -- her own. Seeing for ourselves how beautiful her poems are, we were determined to experience them for ourselves.

Every Wednesday night at 7:30pm, Firecreek Coffee Shop hosts a Slam Poetry Open Mic night for poets to perform their art, and every Wednesday, Kimberly is prepared with something beautiful to show the crowd. Luckily, our production crew had the privilege of attending one of these events, where we were in awe of the dedication shown to us by the various poets performing that evening. 


We had the chance to film Kimberly's performance of our favorite poem onstage, and became immediately more invested into her story as an artist. Her not having the poem memorized did not seem to lessen the powerful poem's impact. The judges in the audience rewarded her with an almost perfect score. 

At the event, we interviewed Jarchow about her artistry, learning that she began creating art to express the chaos that was once and is still present inside of her. The more we learned about Jarchow, the more we discovered the true meaning of her poem, April 9th. 

 At her downfall, poetry was a method of rebirth for Jarchow. It allowed for her to create a new and beautiful life for herself on her own. Our team continued to develop a visual re-telling of Jarchow's rebirth, and filmed over the course of a few days to gather the footage necessary for this exhibiton. The promo will feature Jarchow's poem and will be released later this week.

Watch a preview from Kimberly Jarchow's story below!