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I am the Exotic One


I am the Exotic One

Sophie Rabb

something about / javelinas and jackrabbits / growing up in your backyard / secret trails / connected to a mountain / scorpions / spiky plants / I did not realize / the sun meets the horizon / the silhouette of an old cactus / some may consider / cotton candy skies / queso smothered corn / far away / a sweet sip of imported water / when I am lucky / people call me Arizona / you see things / a spiny pot garden / a bull’s bony head / the one-legged roadrunner / maybe in a dream / or when I leave / the desert

/ my home /

I am never thirsty / no parking lot parties / pale all year long / dark grey skies /
no spikes / no swimming pools / no valleys
I have learned / the boundaries / my place
— Sophie Rabb