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Speak into the Mic: Tullis


Speak into the Mic: Tullis

Kassandra Ramirez

Photo via instagram @surelyshann

Photo via instagram @surelyshann

This interview has been edited for clarity.

When did you start creating?

Growing up, my family was always listening to music. They loved listening to merengue and salsa, and I was always really into rap. I started creating when I was thirteen years old. At the time, my sister’s boyfriend (now husband) had recording equipment and one day he asked me to joined in on a track. It was bad!

What is your favorite medium?

Many people know me as more of a musician, but I dabble in many forms of art. I have written a few short films and would like to direct my own some day; I have also tried painting. Before I became better known for my music, I was actually known for being a stand-up comedian.

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
— Thomas Merton

With today’s media being oversaturated with mediocre and unthoughtful content, it is always refreshing to discover a rising artist with the determination to create something with purpose. After our EIC, Jacob Blieu, introduced me to Tullis’ work, I was quickly convinced that he’s a vivid example of a passionate artist.

Starting his musical journey at the young age of thirteen, later experimenting in his band, “Bears and Airplanes”, and then continuing his career as a solo artist, it is safe to say that Tullis (who goes by his last name) will be an Arizona artist to remember. By listening to his catalog, consisting of many diverse sounds, I came up with a long list of questions to ask this obviously eccentric artist.

Photo via instagram @kiirowulf

Photo via instagram @kiirowulf

How do you feel about people listening to your music?

It’s weird to get approval from other people. Seeing which playlists I’m on give me a better insight to what people feel when they listen to my sounds.  Most of my music is coping with elements of life, like relationships and family. I feel people listen to me to feel less alone; it is like leveling with someone on a very human level.

How was the experience collaborating with Trip Rexx and Emmitt Dupree on the track, “Face the Sun”?

I was actually at Trip Rexx’s house with FWP, recording with MastodonRare when I showed them the beat. They quickly vibed with it and even wrote their verses that day. It was really random.

What is your creative writing process?

It all starts with the energy I’m feeling. I always starts with the beat, and focus on making a strong hook. That way I can say whatever I want in the verse. When I make something from nothing, it is a moment of clarity.

Who inspires you?

Tripp Rexx is one of the most confident artists I know, and it is really inspiring, but I would have to say one of my biggest inspirations is Donald Glover.

How would you describe your sound?


Why do you create music?

Being an artist, you get to experience the most human experience. I create my reality. There is many things I cannot control, but I can control the way I sound. And through my music, I can live forever.

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On Twitter @whoTullis

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See Tullis LIVE

December 8th at Pub Rock

November 10th at the PHX Hip Hop Festival