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Walk Through Fire - First Listen Album Review

Kiara Ramirez

By Kiara Ramirez

“Walk Through Fire” album cover art

“Walk Through Fire” album cover art

Yola's “Walk Through Fire” was released on February 22,2019. Before listening to this album, I was hesitant as I had no expectations from an artist I knew nothing about. After listening to the entire album, I knew I had to know more about Yola Carter and the unique personal sound she brings to music.

Yola came from a poor family who banned music in the household. She had a fire damage her home and escaped an abusive relationship. She brings emotions to her songs which you can feel are from first-hand experiences that she has gone through.

Faraway Look {Official Video} by Yola

Within the first few seconds of hearing the first track “Faraway Look,” I knew I was in for a sweet surprise. Her voice emanates her talent with no questions asked. I immediately got a 70's vibe from this track which was refreshing and different from what is considered mainstream. Watching the music video, I felt it was trying to convey the disassociation of one's life we can all fall victim to occasionally.

Love All Night (Work All Day) [Official Music Video] by Yola

“Love All Night (Work All Day)” painted a vivid picture in my head of taking a road trip through a desolate farming town. This track also gives me major Tina Turner vibes, in the sense that you can feel her raw talent at expressing her emotions. “Something's wrong, we gotta make it right. We gotta help one another just to make it through another night. We ain't here for a long time, so let's make tonight the right time.” These lyrics were profound in such a way that it only reinforced my opinion that Yola was different in a unique, one-of-a-kind way.

This entire album was like a breath of fresh air, where every track is both meaningful and memorable. “Walk Through Fire” is currently nominated for the 2019 Americana Honors and Awards for Album of the Year, a fact at which I am not surprised at all. I will definitely be listening to her first album, released in 2016, as I have now become a Yola fan.