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Speak into the Mic: Emily Darty

Kassandra Ramirez


Being a visual artist myself, I often times search the web for artists whose art I can connect with. While searching for psychedelic art on Instagram I came across Emily Darty on Instagram and was immediately impressed with the visuals I came across. Using mainly acrylic and watercolor paints, Darty creates energetic pieces that immediately capture the mind.

Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, Emily Darty creates vibrant pieces that "dance along the line between reality and the surreal, the real world and the mystical." Emily Darty's clever use of color, surrealism, and compositions shows the beautiful potential inside the mind of this talented artist.

Inspired by Darty's work, I just had to reach out for an interview to share here at Contagion Media. To let her work inspire you as it did for me.

via Instagram @dreamvisions_

via Instagram @dreamvisions_

The following interview has been edited for clarity.

How would you describe your aesthetic? 

My aesthetic is based off a very expressive nature. I am naturally drawn to styles that are cosmic, mystical and surreal. One of my favorite uses of aesthetic in art is the use of sacred geometry. It is simply just patterns both simple and complex that are found in all of nature that make up the basic compositions of all life as we know it. I also enjoy using and working with mandalas in my artwork, as they are meditative to work with, and meditative to whomever gazes upon them thereafter. I find beauty in the subtleties of painting such as mixing the colors, enjoying the shapes of the brush strokes I have just made, or even the sound that the brush makes when it moves along the canvas.

I try to never let inspiration pass me by, I’m always cultivating a creative and expressive mindset in everything that I do and in all aspects of my life.
— Emily Darty
Shroom Vision - Emily Darty

Shroom Vision - Emily Darty

What is your biggest strength as an artist?

My biggest strength is my fine attention to detail. I am so analytical and observant that I will work days on the same sketch to make it perfect. Every single detail in my work has its own set of tiny details within it. Even my art concepts are not plain and simple. They are usually elaborate and complex designs. Every single piece of my artwork has its own story and collectively, they help to tell my own story.

How much presence does art hold in your life? 

Art is integrated into every and all aspects of my life. When I look at and experience things in this world I pay a lot of extra attention to the fine details. Always noticing the natural artistic elements of daily life and mother nature. When I look at a tree, I notice all of the details in the bark and the veins in each leaf. When I look at the clouds, I notice the color palette and structure and how that changes every hour. In my eyes, everything in life is art as everything is an expression of the human, natural or cosmic mind.

Flower Child - Emily Darty

Flower Child - Emily Darty

What is the most rewarding part of being an artist? 

For me, the most rewarding part of being an artist is seeing how my art resonates with others. It is the best feeling in the entire world. A feeling of love and connection -- unwavering support and endless gratitude. It is as if I am being completely understood for a moment. This feeling inspires me to continue to create and reaffirms my path. 

What advice can you give to any other aspiring artists?

Keep practicing and really try to connect with your art. Undoubtedly there is a sense of needing skill at something but there is also tremendous value in just doodling random things that come to mind. Experiment with funny faces and weird shapes. Try to make your art unique and your own without just trying to get better at making something look just like something else. Instead of trying to learn from teachers and other artist, at some point in your journey try to allow yourself to be your own biggest teacher, and you will eventually get better at your own style of art.

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Development - Emily Darty

Development - Emily Darty