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Digital -VS- Analog, an artist's perspective

Zoe Vidgoff

We live in a world where technology bleeds into any industry and creation. Art is no exception and entire genres of art have sprouted out of using the computer. Until recently, I stayed away from digitizing out of principal. I’m an analog artist, I would tell myself, I work on paper and canvas and walls outside. What need do I have for digital media and programs like PhotoShop?

This year I decided to do something new. That very thing I dreaded and pushed against: drawing on the computer! And to my surprise, I enjoy it, truly!

How it compares to mediums I’ve come to be so fond: there are mechanical advantages like mirroring and Ctrl-Z to undo my mistakes. Gone are the days of coloring outside the lines or having to live with an unexpected color clash. Paper has a finality to it that digital work does not. Layer on top of layer, lighten and manipulate, alter and stretch. Digital medium has unearthed a world of possibilities for today’s creative.

And possibly the most exciting innovation is the proximity to animation from even the most novice experimentation into digital art. With any luck, that’s where I am headed next, my friends!

Stay tuned for much and more,

From the Mistress of Merriment,

Savage Bliss