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--Making--(something anyone can do!)

Zoe Vidgoff

Branching out into new mediums can allow new and unexpected conclusions! One can layer colored pencils on top of ink and marker, to highlight the subjects of your masterpiece. And yes, even you are making masterpieces. Believe in your unlockable potential!

—The first step is to let go on any expectation. This work of art-to-be is a little babe and you are better off to not impose strict and hard guide lines to its development. And like real children, with minds and desires unique to them, they develop inside and outside those parental expectations. Imagine the piece is an entity and with it, work collaboratively.

Give yourself a break and learn to enjoy the making without judgement to the eventual outcome.

—Step #2 locate some materials. You can go traditional with paper and pens, pencil, ink and whatnot. Or think outward into nature and recognize all as a form of art.

Work abstractly and loose, because each stroke is a non-verbal expression of your inner landscape. And it is of paramount importance that the individual is understanding themselves. Allow the art to guide you.

—Step #3 Reflection. Observe without judgement the finished piece and relish in the glory that is you. You are witnessing a mirror image of the impossibly dynamic and varied inner landscape that is you!

Mirth and Merriment to you all,

Savage Bliss