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ART ACTIVISM, everyone should!!

Zoe Vidgoff

How do I extract my inner truth?

Within you in all the knowledge required to answer, “What message do I send to my global human family?” Let’s boil it down.

However much time you’ve walked this earth… it doesn’t matter. It is plenty ^_^. All around you is inspiration and influential individuals of your human experience. Be sure to listen to children, their unclouded nature DIRECTLY channels universal truth.

Your voice was born to advocate for the weak and hurting.

Speak up for plants and animals. Speak out for yourself, your neighbor.. brother… sister… mother… people you have never met and may never meet. And when you do, boy that sure feels synchronistic and with purpose haha.

How do we get the message out there? Well, one way is to join the sticker trading community. Thousands of people across the globe are making a statement (or many many many statements) and pasting it to the physicality of their cities. You can too. And it’s important to! Participate in the global conversation regarding issues that strike cords in YOUR heart.

I believe in you!

Mirth and Merriment to all you lovely people ^_^

Savage Bliss