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Bringing Back the Art of Stamps

Zoe Vidgoff


Why do I make my stickers by hand? For one, it allows each and every sticker to be unique. My process is informal and allows for natural variation. Ink viscosity and pressure effect how each print turns out, or doesn’t! Perfection isn’t the name of this game. But it sure is fun and effective.

In one sitting (or standing, rather!) I am able to make hundreds of stickers! And cheaply as well. Of course, I looked into printing services online as well. For me, they are limiting and expensive. By taking the printing into my own hands I can bring many different designs to life in a rainbow of color.

Carving stamps is surprisingly intuitive! It’s something anyone can do, especially with a dash of expert guidance! Let’s get cooking ^_^

Until next time, folks. And may your week be merry and wild ;)

Savage Bliss