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Infinity and Beyond

Zoe Vidgoff

By Savage Bliss

Take a moment to open the mind.

Raising your vibration to the speed of light and sound now, tuning into the breath as it enters and exits. We are one. All is united. Indivisible strands connect you to all others and also to SOURCE. Relish in the togetherness. The hope and optimism. In this zone there is no harm or hurting. Just love. And more love. And more love after that. Love from your ancestors watching over you as you traverse this earthly plane. Love from your living relations. This place is of nonjudgmental healing and rejuvenation. Reexamination. Playfulness.

Let’s envision the world as it could be. Without its flaws. Without its worries. Without the troublesome, adult preoccupation. This moment is for feeling good and feeling well. Do you feel it? Take this well earned break from a chaotic reality and sink deeeeply into a pool of your own consciousness. Give yourself a pat on the back. You made it! Forgive what is left undone. Forget words left unsaid. In this space none matters more than feeling good and feeling well. And going deeper. Explore without fear the dusty corners of your mind.

In mindfulness we transform the world around us from gray and dull to bright and vibrant. Enjoy. Kick back. What a beautiful world full of color and potentiality. All is possible. All is well. All is right in the world. This world is of our own making so make it carefully and make it good. Togetherness. Foreverness. Forgiveness. Love. ^_^

It’s all about love. How much CAN your life contain…?