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Collaborative Efforts

Zoe Vidgoff

By Savage Bliss

Whatever your passion, we are better together. We can reach HIGHER by standing on the shoulders of our comrades! We can get the juiciest fruits, for ourselves and all. The idea is to move away from a self centered, self serving idealism into a community supportive mantra. We are all in this together, for God’s sake! And the benefits greatly outweigh our doubts.

Despite what we can have told, this great planet has resources for everyone. We just need to change how we think, what we what and what will be sacrificed. We feel empathy when we think about children starving. Now will you do nothing with that empathy, except turn it into guilt? Because action can be taken to correct this imbalance. And you can approach this issue with love and acceptance. You didn’t create this problem but you must be part of the solution.

This isn’t a rant on vegetarianism, it’s about facts. If the land used for grazing cattle was used for growing veggies, world hunger would greatly be reduced. It’s a mathematical, statistical fact that growing plant matter takes far less water, energy and time. And they have cut acre upon acre of RAINFOREST to make room for our appetite for beef.

My vote is for efficiently. Every choice you make effects the greater picture, it is that important to make choices in alignment with the greater good of our species. Be conscious. And pay attention to how things make you feel. Don’t store them away for later because we are on the fast track as a society and all that garbage we have packed away is getting pulled up and dug up. It isn’t supposed to feel good, my pleasure seeking friends. But it is morally sound. Take a stand for what is right.

Savage Bliss

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