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Current Project: 100 Days of Drawing

Kassandra Ramirez

By Krista Nicole

Hello Contagion Media friends and family!

This is Krista Nicole, writing my first blog post! I wanted to write a brief introduction of myself to you all, and then talk about one of my current projects. i am an illustrator and graphic designer, and because of that I consider myself both a digital and fine arts-based artist. most of my pieces are done both by hand and digitally, which gives them a unique look and feel. I’ve tried working solely by hand, as well as solely digitally, but the crossover of the two makes my art feel the most *me*. My favorite things to draw are girls and plants, but lately I’m trying to push myself out of my comfort zone and work with different subject matters.

 I recently started a 100 days of drawing prompt for myself, which I want to use to propel myself and my art into places I haven’t gone before. At the beginning of the 100 days I decided I’d stick with one color palette for the full project which is giving my art a more consistent feel than I’ve had previously. I also wrote a list of 100 things that I like to draw, which keeps me inspired and motivated throughout these 100 drawings. Speaking of which, if any of you are illustrators that struggle with finding subject matter or inspiration, I highly recommend making yourself a long list of things you like! This can serve as a reminder to yourself of why you love what you love, as well as a way to avoid staying in your comfort zone. My current list includes such things as: rotten bananas, ramen, grumpy girls, astrology, and lady gaga. Some of these are things I draw a lot, and some are things I have never drawn!



I will post more updates as i make progress on the 100 days of drawing, right now i’m finished with around 14 drawings, even though i started 30 days ago! I’m taking my time, and teaching myself to be patient with my process. Thanks for joining me!