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Arthur Benjamins

RIDERS.AND.HORSES..framed resized.jpg


16” x 48” x 2”

Many buyers may already have decided that this is the day when they will actually go home with a piece of art. I think that these are more difficult to please than the one who have had no such thoughts.

The ones who are looking for a piece of art may already have some kind of idea what it is they want. They may already have mapped out a place in their homes – whether it be a painting, wall decoration or sculpture.

They may have a pre-conceived idea from which it may be difficult to move them – even if they cannot bring into words what that idea is.

It is therefore highly likely that their visit to an art show will only serve to confuse them even more. The more they see – the deeper the confusion – the higher the chance that they'll go home empty handed, even if they have been most impressed with what they have seen - including YOUR work.


So, what is/was a certain element that stood between you selling a piece and not selling it?

If you wish to discount the sales chat you may have in mind, the best possible thing is to make their path of decision as straightforward as possible.

Make ALL information about your work as easy as possible to read and digest from a distance of at least 5 feet

Let there be no confusion of the title, size and price on the description of your piece. By all means include a little story with it, but you must consider that many don't give themselves the time to read and digest, so unless you want to get them on your booth, place your work with the 'stories' at the rear in order to entice them on it.


You cannot SELL art. A viewer does or does not 'connect' with your work and there is nothing you can do.

Show visible signs that you accept a wide range of payment possibilities. The painlessness of credit cards or others must be subconsciously emphasized that way. Make that path as smooth as possible.

If the visitor is interested in a piece but you detect a certain hesitation, offer an alternative but oft-overlooked way of paying, like installments. You can also offer to carry the taxes and/or freighting.

If as many of those potential 'spoilers' are removed beforehand, the higher the chances that both those decided and undecided become clients.

How many times have you come away from somewhere with something you never anticipated that you would?

- - - oOo - - -

Arthur Benjamins - 2019