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Custom 9x12 commissions by Brianna Habib

Bris commission work.jpg
Bris commission work.jpg

Custom 9x12 commissions by Brianna Habib


Custom 9x12 artwork by Brianna Habib

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Creative custom artwork imagined from you and made by Brianna Habib through contagion Media!

I am up and open for commissions if anyone is interested! Whether it be an extravagant tattoo design or just a requested drawing, I can guarantee a nicely detailed piece of artwork of just about any request! Want it to be super colorful, detailed, and vibrant? I got you! In a plain black and white mood? That’s totally fine as well! Only things I can not do is NSFW (extremely lewd) artwork, but other than that, I am up to whatever challenge you throw at me! All of my artwork is currently traditionally made on paper. If finished piece is not up to your standards, let me know and I will start over or adjust! if you want updates, contact me @ and ask me about it!

It takes me a lot of time to create a detailed and colorful piece of artwork so please keep that in mind!

(pic used above is an example of one of my commission pieces, but due to not being claimed, I will put it up for sale soon!)