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FREE Portrait Photography Workshop by KBR (Limited Spots)

Hello! My name is Kassandra “KBR” Ramirez, and I am a professional photographer in Arizona. Specializing in nature portraiture, I also have ten years experience in photography and a Bachelors of Science in Photography. After being confident in photography abilities for years now and often being praised for my unique style, I made the decision to begin offering portrait photography workshops on Contagion!

KBR’s photography showcase by Raw Artists

KBR’s photography showcase by Raw Artists

KBR photographing Nouhoum Samaké for Contagion collaboration - Video by Michael Schuette

KBR photographing Nouhoum Samaké for Contagion collaboration - Video by Michael Schuette

As a celebration of my new workshop services, I will be offering a FREE portrait photography workshop on July 14th h from 6:00-7:00pm at Papago Park in Phoenix, AZ. With limited spots, I highly recommend aspiring professional photographers take advantage of this opportunity!

Portrait Photography Gallery by KBR

During this workshop, I will assist attendees with lighting, camera settings, posing, and photography business tips! I will be inviting 4 models from Contagion’s mailing list to join the event, so there is no need to bring a model, although it is optional.

**Snacks and cold drinks will be provided.

If you are interested, please register below. There are limited spots for this FREE workshop!

Models interested in modeling for this event should join Contagion Media’s model mailing list!

Photography Workshop Registration

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1-on-1 Portrait Photography Workshops with KBR

1-on-1 Portrait Photography Workshop with KBR
from 50.00

KBR will come to your photo shoot for 60 minutes and assist you with posing your model, camera settings, composition, and lighting. Kassandra “KBR” Ramirez has a Bachelors of Science in photography, as well as 10 years experience creating photography.

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