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About Contagion

What is Contagion Media? +

Based in Phoenix, AZ, Contagion Media is an online art platform for art of all mediums. We help showcase artists and sell their art. Clients can also book creative services through Contagion Media.

The main elements of our platform include our blog, services, and shop. Each unique artist also has their own artist profile, featuring an about page, portfolio, blog, and shop.

One of our many goals is to help change the "starving artist" stereotype by providing a platform for artists to share and offer their products, knowledge, creative talent.

What products does Contagion Media offer? +

Contagion Media offers art created by local artists of all mediums. We currently offer prints, wallpapers, clothing, jewelery, and are hoping to expand our inventory. We also offer creative services of all mediums. Cleints can browse local artsits, view portfolios, packages, and pricing all in one place on Contagion Media.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs for all physical products are FREE. Shipping costs are included in the price of all physical products.

How long has Contagion Media been established? +

Contagion Media began as a production company in Flagstaff officially in2018, but has since evolved into an art platform. We rebranded at the end of February 2019 as an art platform for artists of all mediums.



Contagion Media's writers typically research and scout artists of all mediums to be featured on our various art blogs. However, if you are confident your art is exceptional, please feel free to make an art submission at

How can I write features for Contagion Media? +

Contagion Media is always searching for professional and skilled writers who are passionate about art. With a music, visual arts, fiction, and behind contagion blog, there is definitely room for creative freedom. Fill out a writer application at



How can I join Contagion Media? +

Showcase and sell your art in our online gallery and in-person events. Visit

Discover local modeling opportunities. Join our model mailing list at

Write for our various art blogs. Fill out a writer application at

What are the perks of joining Contagion Media?+

Accepted Artists receive an online Contagion Media artist profile which includes an about page, blog, portfolio, and shop. Artists can use artist profile to connect with art buyers and potential clients.

Contagion Media also plans events. For example, we host reoccuring pop up art shops where Artists can choose to sell their art with or without attending the event.

Collaborate with artists, share your art, and connect with Contagion Media's art community.

What is the commission rate? +

Artists earn 80% of all sales through Contagion Media. Payments are made by check every first and third Friday.

What is the cost to join/participate? +

There is 0 cost to join. The only cost to create a Contagion Media profile is the 20% commssion from sales.

Do you have a fulfillment location that is required for products made by artist? +

Contagion Media does not have a fulfillment location. Artists are responsibible for packaging and shipping products.

What is the shipping cost for products? +

All products sold on Contagion Media include FREE SHIPPING.

Artists selling products should include shipping costs into the price of the item.

Yes. However, we have respresentatives who are able to assist and provide example media agreements.

Are you requiring any exclusivity exclusivity agreements required to participate? +

No. Contagion Medis is completely non-exclusive. We simply strive to be an art platform where artists can share their art to earn additional funds.

Are there any in-person opportunities for Artists to showcase and/or sell art? +

Yes. Contagion Media organizes pop up art shops throughout Arizona, as well as art festivals where Artists can showcase their art.

Artist volunteers who help set up and run pop up art shops earn 100% commission of sales for the duration of the pop up art shop.


Please email with any additional questions.