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Speak into the Mic: Scream

Jacob Blieu

With Virgol Abloh's first Louis Vitton collection as men's artistic director debuting just over a week ago, the question that's been on minds is, "who will be the next streetwear designer to go huge?" and well... I may have found the answer. Scream has been steadily building his brand, MYSTERY, into a force to reckoned with. All from his bedroom. With a keen eye for colors and beautiful chaos, Scream…

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Speak into the Mic: Parker Jepsen

Jacob Blieu

18 year old, Parker Jeppsen is aiming to become your next favorite designer. Making high end cut and sew designs, as well as high quality printed pieces, Parker creates a style unique to his vision. As the operator of Absent USA, a visual and clothing brand, Jeppsen is able to create projects that combine his loves for film and fashion to create something new and beautiful. All of this is done while working as…

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