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Speak into the Mic: Scream


Speak into the Mic: Scream

Jacob Blieu

via Instagram: @f.scream

via Instagram: @f.scream

With Virgol Abloh's first Louis Vitton collection as men's artistic director debuting just over a week ago, the question that's been on minds is, "who will be the next streetwear designer to go huge?" and well... I may have found the answer. Scream has been steadily building his brand, MYSTERY, into a force to reckoned with. All from his bedroom. With a keen eye for colors and beautiful chaos, Scream has been dropping nothing but the highest quality since he opened up shop. 

We discussed how he found fashion, how he designs and where he's heading going forward, keep reading below to see it all!

The following interview has been edited for clarity.

For some of our reader's who may not know you yet, can you tell us a little about yourself and where you come from?

I’m 22. I’m from New Jersey, born and raised. Ain’t much inspiring shit out there, well people I should say, so now I’m out in Cali.

How did you get started in design?

Honestly, I used to be super inspired by the shit Wiz Khalifa was wearing when he was into wearing crazy custom jackets, bandanas wrapped around his pants, Wiz was like a fashion super hero to me somewhere from like 2012-2013. All I had was jean jackets around me so that’s the shit I would customize as much as possible. I was still myself but definitely on my mix n match Wiz swag, hand sewing cheetah print and American flag fabrics to my clothes any chance I got. The kids on Facebook and some people from school would be like, “Yo that shit hard,” but so much people liked what I created, I knew it was something special in my hands.

via Twitter: @f__scream

via Twitter: @f__scream





Can you tell us a little about your process when you begin designing a new piece?

Depends man, sometimes I’ll be sitting on a piece in my closet for months before I decide how I’m going to tweak it into perfection. I don’t rush shit. I can’t just sew some shit on a shirt and just sell it, it has to be fire and have some unique look to it. I ask myself, “would you buy this?” and if not I know I didn’t get the job done. It’s all effort or no effort, which is why I don’t put out clothes everyday cause I have to wait for that bright idea. Ni**as start rapping and put out like 5 tracks in a month. I can’t go out like that, I treat every piece like a art project.

Are there any designers in particular, past or contemporary, that inspire your work?

Nah, I mean a piece or two maybe, but for the whole brand…nah. Like I recently made a sweater vest and that was inspired by RAF's ‘Nightmares and Dreams’ collection. But yeah little shit like that, but for the most part MYSTERY is in its own lane. I don’t have all the tools and connections these successful fashion designers have. All I have is my room, a sewing machine, and a few bucks. I can sew some shit from scratch but not everything. College dropout, don’t ever forget. Shoutout YouTube.

What are your favorite trends?

Favorite trend, umm, fits being messy and not perfect. Long ass Off-White belts hanging and shit, I love the unorganized shit. That’s what MYSTERY is all about, distressed, holes, like you just came out a fight. Vintage beat up looks. Fuck all that clean shit, I don’t work in a office.

via Twitter: @f__scream

via Twitter: @f__scream


What would you say has been your largest achievement up to this point?

Continuous MYSTERY orders, living on my own in California. Got my first car BMW Z4.

Not the biggest achievements, but that shit was all just a dream to me. Written on my wall above my bunk bed at my moms. That law of attraction shit is crazy….

I’ve seen that you occasionally do what you call, a free MYSTERY box, can you tell us about what that is and how it all started?

I just started doing that shit, and honestly how well it went I want to do more. That’s a once in a blue moon thing, just want to give the supporters the shit I have laying around. Discontinued, didn’t sell… whatever it is I know someone will fuck with it, especially if they only have to pay for shipping. Man, once I have extra inventory to give away I’m taking it to the streets and it’s a wrap.

What are the next steps your taking to help grow your brand?

Right now I’m focusing on making sure I fulfill all orders to increase returning customers. Making sure they are happy with what they receive and shit. Somebody orders your product twice, your definitely on the right path. Gaining trust from your customers is super important. Some people just get sunken into the money and forget about the people…. that’s just a ship bound to sink. Gotta show x10 more love to the people that’s helping put money in your pockets.

Make sure to follow Scream:

on Twitter: @f__scream

on Instagram: @f.scream

And  make sure to visit his website for more of his fantastic designs: