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Interview with Sabree Garcia, Arizona Artist Who Creates Art by Recycling CDs

Kassandra Ramirez


As global warming becomes more prevalent in our environment, I often wonder how and when humans will evolve toward an environmentally friendly mindset. Constantly involved in the local art scene, I was blown away when I discovered Arizona artist Sabree Garcia’s unique art form. Garcia helps fights global warming in her own beautiful way by creating art pieces made with recycled CDs.

According to Sabree Garcia, “CDs take 1 million years to decompose” and recycling CDs into art makes her “feel like a mini superhero.” Luckily, I was able to land an artist interview with Garcia and learned more about her environmentally friendly art creations.

Sabree Garcia and “Yin Yang” by Sabree Garcia

Sabree Garcia and “Yin Yang” by Sabree Garcia

Interview has been edited for clarity

How would you describe your style? When did you first start creating recycled cd art? I would say my art is very bold and modern. I started creating recycled cd art in February 2019 when I was asked to create a public piece to contribute to a yoga event supported by downtown Tempe In Phoenix, AZ. I would claim after my third cd art piece I became a professional at it. I create what I love and what I would buy if it wasn’t me creating it.

“Cactus” by Sabree Garcia

“Cactus” by Sabree Garcia

Are there any visual artists who inspire you? What inspires you about them?

 My inspiration for my CD art came from a childhood best friend’s mom. She decorated my friends room with reverse CDs. I am also very inspired by all local AZ artists, especially mural artists, and graffiti artists. They show me that there are no limits with art.

Do you have reoccurring themes or messages in any of your work?

 I would say my most recent creations are based on things I love: music, yoga, cacti, and most importantly recycling! It feels good to put plastic to good use and cause.

“Zen” by Sabree Garcia - Available for purchase

“Zen” by Sabree Garcia - Available for purchase

What does art mean to you? Do you dabble in other mediums?

Art, to me, is my inner child. It allows me to be free. In a sense, it is also very meditating and helps me with unwinding. Art is endless when it comes to explaining it, and thats the amazing creative part about it. I also dabble in other mediums. I am currently a mural artist assistant, and on my free time I am a freelance graphic designer. When I am not doing that, I am painting.

What was the biggest highlight of the creating process? What is a dream for your art?

Biggest highlight I’ve had as an artist is hearing honest feedback. Everyone seems to love them: old, young, men, women, and children. Knowing my art leaves them happy and in awe makes me happy. My dream would be taking my art to more states and expanding the use of recycled materials.

Sabree Garcia and “Boombox” by Sabree Garcia

Sabree Garcia and “Boombox” by Sabree Garcia

Do you feel like other artists should consider making art with recycled materials?

Yes, who doesn’t love free? And saving this planet, it is such a good feeling. You can make what some people consider garbage into something beautiful.

What is the hardest part of living as a professional artist? Do you have any tips for aspiring artists?

 The hardest part is knowing your worth. And how valuable time is. Tip for aspiring artist —nothing is free and as my mentor Bacpac has said, “there are no short cuts. “