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How to Heal Past Trauma with Art

Zoe Vidgoff

We all are working through our unique version of trauma from childhood!! From the pressure to boxify our personalities to gender assignments, we are all positively and negatively affected by our society. Our parents. Our ancestors. We are shaped by so many people from the youngest age to mirror and reflect the people who mold us! And when we grow up to be ourselves we are shunned by those people we love most.

How can we stop this cycle of pain and suffering with art? When we can recognize the journey of others, we start to forgive. Things that are in pain require twice as much love to heal! And it starts with you, my friend. If you are thinking right now about a relationship you just cannot heal because they’ve caused you too much heart ache, or they are dead, or not in communication; you can heal it simply by making art. The love you are giving yourself in the act of creation touches the inner child and nourishes your adult soul! You too deserve the sweet release of creativity.

Just remember, do not put pressure on your art. Because it is unlikely to be identical to the idealized version you have mentally concocted. The reason is, art is a collaboration between three parties: You, God (spirit), and the art materials themselves. Allow space for your co-collaborators to make their contribution and relish in the healing they want you to experience.

Keep open your heart and mind. And pray to your Highest Self for guidance, preferably when pen is at hand and paper is below ^_^ This way the result will always surprise and delight.


Savage Bliss


What is on the Horizon for Savage Bliss?

Zoe Vidgoff

By Savage Bliss

Savage Bliss is my artistic alter ego and my super hero self. She wakes up ready to ink, stamp, and make my dreams come true. Lately I dream of carving a complete tarot deck. And lucky me, S.B. is setting aside a lot of time to do just that.

Other things to expect is more psychedelia, coloring pages and vibrant new prints to enjoy!

Is there something you would like to see Savage Bliss do this year?

Comment below ^_^

Merry may, y’all!


Collaborative Efforts

Zoe Vidgoff

By Savage Bliss

Whatever your passion, we are better together. We can reach HIGHER by standing on the shoulders of our comrades! We can get the juiciest fruits, for ourselves and all. The idea is to move away from a self centered, self serving idealism into a community supportive mantra. We are all in this together, for God’s sake! And the benefits greatly outweigh our doubts.

Despite what we can have told, this great planet has resources for everyone. We just need to change how we think, what we what and what will be sacrificed. We feel empathy when we think about children starving. Now will you do nothing with that empathy, except turn it into guilt? Because action can be taken to correct this imbalance. And you can approach this issue with love and acceptance. You didn’t create this problem but you must be part of the solution.

This isn’t a rant on vegetarianism, it’s about facts. If the land used for grazing cattle was used for growing veggies, world hunger would greatly be reduced. It’s a mathematical, statistical fact that growing plant matter takes far less water, energy and time. And they have cut acre upon acre of RAINFOREST to make room for our appetite for beef.

My vote is for efficiently. Every choice you make effects the greater picture, it is that important to make choices in alignment with the greater good of our species. Be conscious. And pay attention to how things make you feel. Don’t store them away for later because we are on the fast track as a society and all that garbage we have packed away is getting pulled up and dug up. It isn’t supposed to feel good, my pleasure seeking friends. But it is morally sound. Take a stand for what is right.

Savage Bliss

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